Comfortable Brown Suede Men’s Elevator Boots 6CM

How to manage, maintain and clean suede Elevator Boots? Suede shoes are more difficult to handle than ordinary shoes. The sneakers are easy to dirty and difficult to clean. Therefore, friends who buy suede shoes should be based on prevention.

First of all, if you want your suede Elevator Boots to be durable, you must pay attention to keep the uppers dry. This kind of leather is delicate and soft, but the only thing that is afraid of water is that the fiber on the surface of the leather is relatively small. After absorbing water molecules, it will cause discoloration and deformation (do not use it to practice light and water drifting). Therefore, waterproofing is especially important, and a good bottle of waterproof spray can solve this.
Unlike ordinary waterproof sprays, this spray in our mall uses non-film waterproof technology, which not only affects the permeability of the leather, but also does not harm the fibers of the leather.Let’s take the tooling Height Increasing Shoes as an example. When using, keep the spray and shoes about 20cm, and then spray them around for 15 minutes.

Elevator Boots

Some suede Height Increasing Shoes are waterproofed at the time of production. It can effectively prevent dirt from seeping into the suede skin. If it is stained, it will be cleaned later. A waterproof treatment can be maintained for 1-2 weeks under normal weather conditions (in any case, it is not a stormy weather), after which it is necessary to use a spray to do maintenance.

The suede is soft and soft. When cleaning, use a special tool. Usually a professional suede brush can be used. A professional suede brush consists of a rubber brush, a nylon brush and a side brush. The rubber brush surface is soft and can easily remove the floating ash on the upper without damaging the fibers on the leather surface.

Elevator Boots

Note that you must brush in one direction, because the surface of the suede is inverted and smooth, and the color will be uniform in one direction, no color difference. A harder nylon brush finish can be used to treat stubborn stains. However, use a hard brush as little as possible, because the metal wool in the middle part of the middle will remove the fiber of the leather while decontaminating. Too much brush will damage the leather itself. The most difficult to clean shoe seams we have also considered, using the curved side of the brush to clean.
In addition to brushing the surface of the dust, sprayed with a waterproof spray, the preservation of the Elevator Shoes is also very important. The best way to do this is to use a shoe to keep the shape of the shoe, then put the shoe in a cool, ventilated place. Usually the shoe supports are tailored to the shoes, so it is more difficult to remove and place.

Elevator Boots

There is a trick here – first of all, you must first untie the shoelace, it is more labor-saving to put it from the side, and also twist it when you take it out. If you are used to putting the shoe in the shoe box, you should keep it dry. Because these Elevator Shoes are more prone to mold and deformation.