Men’s Lifting Shoes Set Foot Invisible Increase 6.5 cm

On the evening of January 11, many people watched the “Weibo Night” Super Festival. It has been four days since this party, but many people still have not forgotten the wonderful scene. Some netizens found that some of the stars in this event were not very good, especially Huang Xiaoming. When they received the award on the stage, they were found by many fans. what exactly is it?

When Huang Xiaoming came to the stage to receive the award, Liu Wei and Lang Lang stood next to each other. The three looked quite handsome. No one held a trophy and made a refill. It suddenly attracted the screams of the audience. Some netizens found that Huang Xiaoming was the night. The Lifting Shoes that were worn were a bit strange, and on his left instep, suddenly a big bag was bulged!

Lifting Shoes

The lens is zoomed in: it is true, and it is a lot worse than the right foot! Some netizens speculated: Could it be that Huang Xiaoming was wearing the night? It’s a bit too shameful. But other netizens think: Men’s Heightening Dress Shoes Set Foot Invisible Increase 6.5 cm should not be on the instep, is it not under the soles of the feet, then what is this swollen bag? Next, Huang Xiaoming exposed a photo in Weibo, and the fans immediately felt distressed!
I saw Huang Xiaoming suddenly took off his left foot sock and took a photo. In the picture, his feet were swollen.

He took a picture and said that the left foot is my exclusive limited high instep, a natural goblet, and caused tissue hyperplasia after an accident. Seeing this, many netizens realized that Huang Xiaoming had an accident in order to make a film, which eventually led to swelling of the instep. Seeing this, many netizens are somewhat distressed, and the actors are too hard! It turned out that many people married him.

Lifting Shoes

Speaking of girls’ internal Lifting Shoes is more common. The length of the bare boots is just next to the ankles. It doesn’t pick people at all. This length is also very good for the leg. The versatile bare boots must have a pair. The color of this bootie is very versatile nude color, the whitening effect is super good, and the pointed toe design is more elegant and charming. It will not be tired when worn, because its heel is two The flat heels of the centimeter, combined with the slender ankles, make the entire leg line look great.

Lifting Shoes

The sock Height Increasing Shoes are boots of super fire in 2019. You can see the socks in the airport photos of the major female stars and the street shooters of fashion bloggers. Because they look very thin legs, they are also called “skinny” by netizens. Boots.” These short black socks are very simple and elegant. They are very fashionable to wear. The close-fitting material can easily cover the ankles. It is not only fashionable but also very warm. It is really super practical.