New Thick Bottom Flying Woven Elevator Sneakers Increased 5cm

Looking at the scenery of the street nowadays, in order to look tall, the ladies’ high heels are crossing the high, and the men’s heels are also likely to be higher. Many people often put high-heeled insoles in order not to show their heights, but the orthopaedic surgeon reminds everyone that there is a lot of damage to the insoles and try to use them as little as possible. You can wear shoes with shoes inside. Breathable Casual Shoes Thick Bottom Version Flying Woven Lifts Elevator Sneakers, because our heightening shoes are designed for human body structure research.

When walking, each sole has three fulcrums to support the weight, two forefoot and one heel. If you put in a height-adjustable insole, it will cause the focus of the heel to move forward. The weight of the whole body is mostly concentrated. To the soles of the feet and the feet, it can cause pain in the feet and feet.

Elevator Sneakers

The Height Increasing Shoes is lifted by 1 cm, and the knee joint instinctively bends when walking or going up the stairs. In general, if the insole is more than 5 cm, the knee will take up 3 times the weight of the insole, which is equivalent to a heavy lead on the knee. If you wear such an insole for a long time before the age of 15, you will have knee lordosis, which will make your knees unable to straighten and cause leg deformation.

Height Increasing Shoes After putting on the high insole, the body will lean forward. In order to maintain the balance of the body, the psoas muscles can only be tightened all the time. After a long time, it will cause lumbar pain and lumbar muscle strain, especially during the physiological period and exercise.

Elevator Sneakers

Headache is also one of the symptoms of Elevator Sneakers syndrome. When you add a high insole, the reaction of the ground to the human body will still be re-applied. When you walk, the reaction force that should be absorbed by the sole of the foot will shake the brain. The longer you wear, the headache. It will become more obvious.

There are various materials in the market for the increased insole. Some materials have no function of compressing and restoring elasticity. Therefore, when the insole pad is raised for a period of time, it will be found that the insole has been crushed and deformed, not only can not increase, The health of the arch and bone joints can also cause disturbances, especially affecting the development of the arch of the foot, the bones of the foot and the joints, resulting in poor development of the skeletal joints of the soles of the feet, and even flat feet. Therefore, developmental adolescents are advised not to wear.

Elevator Sneakers

In fact, a person’s body is not beautiful, not because of the height of the absolute height, but also the body can not give people a sense of beauty, like the idiom “short and fine” is to praise the short and smart and strong people. The key is to see if a person’s height and fatness are proportional and whether the body is healthy.